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revelition's Journal

11 March 1988
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  • revelition@livejournal.com
  • cobaltrevelry
Want to understand how I think? Read this

Warning: 1. may contain frank adult topics, and 2. have sailor mouth, will use it.
Most everything is public***. Feel free to friend me, but I probably won't add back unless I know you.
This journal is irregularly updated; I can go into hermit-mode for months at a time.

Topics often seen here:

-Recent photographic works
-Copy/pastes of mentally toothsome quotes and accompanying musings.
-Concerns of the flesh (holistic health, recipes, moulding the body in accordance to will)
-Legal addictions: creme soda, metal music, the glamoury of fashion and styling
-Rants against large, scamming institutions
-***I am henceforth locking any entries pertaining to theurgy, Feri, and other intimate spiritual matters. Please let me know if (and why) you are interested in seeing these accounts.

Other sites you can find me at:

1920's, active meditation, aggrotech, art, arthurian legends, aspecting, aubrey beardsley, autumn, bach, baroque, bdsm, beauty, bento, black heart of innocence, black metal, bloomers, blue hair, books, boots, bpal, brocade, canon, carnivals, chaos magic, china mieville, christian mythology, classical, cobalt glass, collars, collide, complexity, cooking, corsets, crooked path, cuffs, cyberpunk, dancing, dark ambient, darkwave, daydreaming, deathrock, decadence, decay, diablo, diablo 1, diablo 2, dreadlocks, dungeon crawlers, dungeon master ii, dwarf hotots, egl, elfquest, elizabethan fashion, erololi, fairytales, fantasies, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, feri, fetish, fetish fashion, flappers, flocked wallpaper, folk metal, folklore, freakshows, fruits, futurepop, gardening, gem lore, gothic architecture, gothic lolita, gothrock, grey skies, headbanging, hedonism, herbalism, hermetic philosophy, historical fashion, holly black, honor, incubi, industrial, inkkubus sukkubus, iron pentacle, latex, leather, living food, lolita, lust, magic, makeup, melek taus, metal, metal concerts, metalocalypse, metaphysics, mythology, nature, ndes, neon, nightwish, noir, occult, opera, paranormal, peacocking, pearl pentacle, pearls, permaculture, personal gnosis, photography, photoshop, poppies, pre-raphaelites, pvc, rain, raw food, rococco, rococo fashion, roses, seelie, sex, silk, silver, soul evolution, souls, stimulants, stockings, succubi, symbolist art, symphonic black metal, symphonic metal, tarot, tea, tea parties, thaumatury, theurgy, thorns, trail running, unseelie, urban foraging, vegetarian food, victorian, victorian fashion, wanderlust, white coffee, white rabbits, winter